by artist Peter Kavanagh  

Art Classes Norfolk

Learn how to draw

My art classes deal with the most important basic skill you need - the ability to draw. Drawing is a very particular skill that I teach fairly easily. It is easier to learn than reading or writing. Most people already have the necessary coordination of eye and hand but not the understanding of how to apply them. My teaching is like a revelation of what stops you from drawing. Results are fast and thrilling. Learn how to draw with confidence.

My teaching is perfect for absolute beginners and of great benefit to experienced artists. Here’s what you’ll learn in my art classes:

✴ Learn the essential skill of looking in the way that artists look

✴ Learn how to see so that you can draw anything and everything

✴ Learn how to draw quickly and with confidence

✴ Learn the basics of various drawing mediums

✴ Discover your own interests and preferences

✴ Uncover your preconceptions and inhibitions

Life drawing is very self-indulgent and of great personal benefit. It helps people relax and consider themselves. Studying naked people is a delightful and very natural occupation and will change your attitude towards your own and other people’s bodies. To begin the only materials you need are an A3 cartridge paper sketchpad, a 2b pencil, a rubber, a sharpener and a light board to support the sketchpad. The only skill you need is to allow yourself to have fun and make some mistakes.

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