by artist Peter Kavanagh  

Hen Party Life Drawing

Norfolk hen activity - life drawing

This is an exciting game to entertain your hens! Life drawing for hens - all the fun of a naked male body but without the embarrassment of a stripper. I’ve been teaching life drawing art classes in Norfolk for many years and know how to get total beginners into sketching lovely nude pictures. I’ve also worked as a nude male model for many artists and art classes and know how to pose and inspire! So I’m a muscular naked model and art tutor rolled into one! I’m a big fan of life drawing and you can see my nude paintings on this web site.

It’s easy to go about life drawing. All we need is a big, warm room and the hens can draw on their laps. No drawing experience is necessary to enjoy your hen party life drawing class. As well as being your inspiring model, I will also guide your hens through some fun and simple drawing exercises. I will show them how to look in the way artists look, how to really enjoy the naked body, how best to use the pencil and how easy it is to capture the best bits with charcoal. I can also provide quality art materials for everyone including a smart, souvenir sketchpad to take away. I suggest allowing 2 to 3 hours for drawing and drinking - always a great combination! My uninhibited attitude, my muscular, slim body and my experience of life drawing are perfect to ensure that everyone enjoys the game.

Click below to visit my Hen Party web site. Contact me on the email link to discuss rates, venues and anything else you’d like to know.