by artist Peter Kavanagh  

Nude male life drawing model

Life drawing model for hire in Norfolk and Norwich

As well as painting and drawing the nude figure and teaching drawing, I also work as a nude life drawing model for artists and drawing classes. I enjoy being the inspiration behind the work of talented artists and also for beginners learning how to draw. I find in my own work that the best models are those that also draw and paint. They understand what the artist needs to see, to create a picture or succeed in a drawing.

Life model for drawing art classes

I’ve been modeling nude for many years in Norfolk and Norwich for all sorts of drawing classes - Adult Education, Paston College in North Walsham, Norwich University College of the Arts and also for many private classes. I model for individuals and small groups. My rates are quite variable and depend on who is asking, how far I have to travel and how many bookings are involved. Get in touch and we can negotiate!

Male nude life drawing model for hen parties in Norwich and Norfolk

I’m happy to come to your hen party and introduce your guests to the fun and excitement of life drawing! My experience as both model and tutor are the perfect combination for this hen party activity. Click below to learn more.