by artist Peter Kavanagh  

Why paint nudes?

The Power of Nature

I draw and paint nudes to experience and share the power of Nature. The body evolved over thousands of years and Nature knew what she was doing. As animals we are hard-wired to instinctively respond to the forms we see in the body. I allow myself to enjoy these responses.

Everyone enjoys gazing upon performers, admiring the energy and power in an athlete’s body or the grace and elegance in that of a dancer. But our culture demands we don’t stare at the bodies around us or flaunt our own bodies in front of others. Yet secretly everyone is peeking!

We are hard-wired to respond sexually to the body and human societies have always had to impose controls over the powerful, sexual signals our bodies give out to each other. Controls to ensure family units are stable and children raised successfully.

These controls become so dominant that people forget the beauty and pleasure to be enjoyed in the gift that Nature has provided. The sight of a naked body can even become something to fear. But as Marilyn Monroe said: “Sex is a part of Nature. I go along with Nature.”

We love Nature and most people will admire a landscape or a flower or a wild animal. My work is admiration of our own bit of Nature, which is just as stunning and powerful and important. I turn my gaze upon the closest connection we have to Nature and experience her power.

Enjoy the pictures and enjoy your own Human Nature.